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About the composer:

作者小豬(Piggy),住在亞洲的台灣桃園,本名是李承勳(Cheng-Shiun, Li),自小學六年級聽到學校國樂團的演出,便深深被吸引,希望能學習樂器,成為樂隊的一員。







The composer, Piggy, lives in Taoyuan, Taiwan, in Asia. His real name is Cheng-Shiun, Li. He was deeply attracted by the performance of the school's Chinese Orchestra since the sixth grade of elementary school. He hoped to learn an instrument and become a band player. a member.


In middle school, he joined the school's wind music club and learned the flute; in high school, he joined the wind band and chorus, and continued to play flute, piccolo and tenor. He was baptized in high school and became a Christian. He was taught the basic piano playing method by church brothers. When he was in college, he often played the piano in the church.


When he was a soldier, he participated in the army military band, served as a piccolo player, and participated in the performance of the National Day Music Team that year.


Now I work as a guard duty service in a junior high school. I usually write lyrics and music. Because I am interested in music, I also play the flute occasionally. I hope my music can have a good impact on the world.

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