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Brand Introduction



小豬的音樂創作空間,Logo是由”Piggy”,就是小豬、一只帆船和文字”Flutist and Composer”所組成;小豬是創作者父母親所喚的小名,因為重視家人的關係,而以此為名,視為記念;一只帆船是希望自己的能夠一帆風順,不遇險阻;最後文字的部分則是表明自己是一位業餘長笛演奏家及作曲家。

Piggy's music composition space, the logo is composed of "Piggy", that is, a pig, a sailboat and the words "Flutist and Composer"; Piggy is the nickname called by the creator's parents, because he attaches great importance to the relationship with his family, And this name is regarded as a memory; a sailboat hopes that its own sailing will be smooth and not in danger; the last part of the text indicates that he is an amateur flutist and composer.

Piggy 的顏色是銀色,表徵創作者小豬是一位經過基督所救贖的人;帆船是綠色,表明熱愛大自然、祟尚自由的生活;而文字”Flutist and Composer”是藍色,表示身為一位演奏者及創作者的理性及沈穩。


The color of Piggy is silver, indicating that the creator pig is a person redeemed by Christ; the sailboat is green, indicating a love for nature and a free life; and the text "Flutist and Composer" is blue, indicating that as a The rationality and steadiness of a performer and creator.



All the creations of Piggy adhere to the way that they are willing to share with others and upload them to the website for people to download. The only limitation is that they cannot be used for commercial purposes; Piggy is a Christian and believes that the Father in heaven will take care of him, and he Adhere to the principle of being content with clothing and food as stated in the Bible, and believe that music creation is a gift from God, and God is pleased that we use our gifts to serve others. Work, creation, and church life are the main daily routines of the Piggy.

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