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逾越節的來由(The Reason of Passover)

逾越節的來由(The Reason of Passover)

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("The Origin of the Passover" came about when I heard the church's message about the Israelites celebrating the Passover. I conceived the lyrics, added my own composition, and turned it into an orchestral chorus. Passover comes from the Book of Exodus in the Old Testament of the Bible, where it is mentioned that before Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, God sent the tenth plague to Egypt, the "plague of killing the firstborn". God commanded the Israelites to apply the blood of lambs on the The door of his house serves as a sign so that when the angel comes to slay all the firstborn, he will see this sign and pass over it. In this way, the Israelites and all their firstborn will be saved.


This piece of music begins when the ancestor of the Israelites, Joseph, was prime minister in Egypt. Although at that time, he wisely led Egypt out of famine, but after his death, hundreds of years later, descendants no longer Instead of remembering him and what he had done, he treated the Israelites harshly and treated them like slaves.)





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